About us

Biozar has a colorful history. Over 35 years ago Mr Wisman (after finishing college) went  to West-Africa to work in the mining industry.  Over the years he came in touch with a few local tribes. Out of interest in their culture and uses he discovered the wholesome herbs and plants. After working en living there for a couple of years, he left to India and later the Amazone area. To complete it we have to add another continent, which is Europe. Irish Moss has been added to Biozar to complete the formula.


At the end of the nineties he returned to The Netherlands and had the idea to use his knowledge to improve the resistance of plants. One day, his nephew came over with a physical discomfort. He decided to adjust to help his nephew. In the meantime Biozar is used by a couple of top athletes, under which one world champion.
Al the natural ingredients out of different areas underlie the product Biozar and in the meantime there are a lot of people who found out what Biozar can mean for them.